Your holiday packing list and top tips

Are you planning on a trip soon? If you are, then this post is definitely for you. If you aren’t, someday you will so why not learn a thing or two already.

You see travelling can be quite the hassle, especially when it requires you leaving for a whole new country. The trouble of what to pack and what not to comes to play.

There are a lot of us who really don’t pay attention to what exactly we put into our travel bags as we just throw in whatever our instinct doles into our consciousness. Then, there are quite the number of us who really like to go the extra mile to get our bags ready days before our trip.

It’s never a great experience arriving at your destination and realising you didn’t pack something vital. Imaging getting to your room late at night and then as you unpack, you realise you did not pack your toothbrush (Arrrghh! The horror)

No one really wants to be in such a fix and so, here’s a list of the my “absolutely-most-unforgettable-things” you should get packed for a trip. In no particular order, here they are;

1. Clothes: Pretty obvious yeah? No one would travel naked. But what I want you to consider is the number of clothes you’d most likely need on your trip. You don’t want three boxes when you end up using just half the clothes in the first. If it’s a planned business trip, two suits should do just fine (black and navy blue) as they appear most formal, fashionably timeless and are suitable for any type of event or weather. A few shirts depending on how many days you’d be spending and also availability of laundry. You shouldn’t take your entire wardrobe if you are certain you’d be able to get your clothes occasionally cleaned.

The key point here should be, knowing how long you’d be spending and picking out clothes for each day and event and if laundry is available, take less and wash more.

2. Shoes: Just as equally important as clothes hence, the same rules apply. You don’t need five shoes for a one week event (Let’s keep it at three). Less load is always a better option

3. Maps and directories: This applies a great deal to those travelling to unfamiliar terrains. Getting lost is definitely not part of the plan and also for those who are quite familiar with visiting cities, but may still need help with lodgement, your brochure to which ever hotel you decide to check into should be a must carry.

4. Extra cash: Yes you may have booked you flight and paid your hotel bills which ensures your feeding for the entire period is covered. Yes, it may also be that you are on an all expense paid trip to your dream city, that’s still no excuse to travel unprepared financially. What happens to that beautiful dress you’d just so love to gift your daughter for her first school dance or as the case may be, in any medical emergency which was clearly not covered prior to the trip, what happens then?

You really can’t ever go wrong taking extra cash, and eventually if you don’t need it, it still remains yours. (I strongly advise this cash isn’t physical though but rather travel with your debit or credit cards, that way you reduce the risk of easily losing your money”

5. Accessories and cosmetics: You know what they say, “you are never fully dressed if you can’t be identified by your scent” (I totally just made that up). But seriously, your scent says a lot about you, your fashion and style and also adds to how your beauty is perceived. Since it precedes you, it also has the ability to create a befitting welcome into any room.

Also, you may want to also check you have your wristwatches, necklaces, bracelets and all other things you feel fall into this category (remember, you don’t need to go with your entire jewellery collection, unless you are attending a jewellery convention then it’s totally acceptable)

Very important also are your choice of cosmetics, which is highly influenced by location, season, personal beauty preference. In the line of traveling light, I still stand by moving only the absolutely necessary and what else falls into this group than the Rejuvenating Radiant Serum. You can’t be all well dressed and have a dry skin (remember the rule of being fully dressed, this applies too)

You see the harsh weather conditions all around and their varying changes in countries can have significant effects on the skin. Many would easily opt for concealers and foundations to mask whatever changes might develop. But why do that when you can easily obtain the four in one essential oils serum for a smooth and soft skin. Made from the choicest Prickly pear seed oil, Maracuja oil, Rosehip seed oil and Argan oil, the rejuvenating radiant serum is a blend of 100% natural oils proven to keep your skin free from sudden changes due to harshness of the weather or the sudden change in environment. It is readily absorbed by the skin so there’s no problem of oily skin and it also works on all skin types. Not only does it protect the skin, it also rids the skin of preexisting blemishes. The great thing is that it comes in varying sizes which includes a 5ml travel size, (and to think I preach travelling light)

So there you have it, a list of my essential travel needs. What else do you think shouldn’t ever be forgotten?

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