The Difference Between Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools

There are two main tools used in beauty: the jade roller and the gua sha tools. The latter is becoming more and more popular, especially for use with rejuvenating skin serums. Before you decide on one or the other, it’s important to know why you need them and the benefits of each one. Which one of the two is most effective?

Jade Anti-Ageing Facial Rollers

Let’s start with a look at the jade rollers. They’ve been used for centuries in the eastern parts of the world and are slowly moving to the west. As the name would make you think, the rollers use a jade crystal, helping to roll over all the crevices in the face. You get a consistent look when using serums, creams, foundations, and more.

Jade helps to make the lines in the skin look lesser, offering that appearance of tighter, younger skin. All this is natural, too, creating a positive feeling in the mind and body.

Then there are the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties within jade crystals. You can reduce redness in the skin, along with skin irritations, puffiness around the eyes, and other signs of aging. It’s no wonder it’s a popular tool for spreading anti-ageing facial creams.

Using the Jade Roller Properly

To get all the benefits from a jade roller, you need to use it properly. Start from the center at the chin and work your way upward and then outward. A jade roller has two sides. The larger side is for the larger parts of your face, including your cheeks, forehead, and chin. When you get to your lips, nose, and your eyes, you’ll want to use the smaller part of it.

You don’t need to use it with a cream or serum but this helps to reduce the friction between the tool and your sensitive, weaker skin. You can use the roller as a massager, improving the blood flow to your skin and helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Try putting your roller in the fridge before use, too. You want it cold to help tighten the pores and the skin, creating that look of flawless beauty.

Gua Sha Facial Tools

Gua sha tools are also from the eastern beauty practices and include some jade in them. You get all the benefits of the jade roller and more, especially when it comes to the anti-ageing facial serums and creams.

These tools encourage the flow of the blood around the body. They also help to encourage lymphatic fluid to drain from the face and out of the body, helping to remove the toxins and improving the look of the face. You’ll become suppler and your face feels tighter and softer. Inflammation is reduced and you tend to feel more positive in life.

You can apply a serum or use an oil to help keep the tools moving around the face with ease. Removing the friction allows for a more comfortable massage.

Gua sha tools can also help to minimize breakouts. They help to reduce the pore sizes, so not as much bacteria becomes stuck. You’ll also find your mental health is supported, reducing the stress and the changing oil production levels.

Using Gua Sha Tools

Like with jade rollers, you need to use the tools correctly. Start from the bottom and work your way up the face. You can start around the neck, around where the lymph nodes are. This will help to remove the fluid and the toxins better.

Move the way your blood flows. You can work in different patterns, whatever you find comfortable. The tools don’t just offer a physical benefit, but you also get a mentally calming benefit.

You’ll want to take your time with the gua sha tools. They’re designed for slow and calming beauty routine. If you want something quick, then the jade anti-ageing facial rollers are the way to go. You could have both in your home, ready for whatever your time permits on the day.

Gua sha tools tend to be better for the deeper-set wrinkles. They work out more for longer-term benefits, but you still need to use them regularly.

Whatever type of tool you get, consider using it with the Rejuvenating Skin Serum. The serum helps to add another layer of benefit, boosting the hydration of the skin to help reduce signs of aging, improving flexibility, and adding a glow. The serum is the perfect liquid to make it easier to use your jade roller or gua sha tools over your face.


*Photo by Kayleigh (Instagram: @hazelnutmusings)

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