Does your skin need Hydration or Moisture?

Looking at all the options for skin care can be overwhelming. There are hundreds if not thousands of choices for each skincare goal, not to mention the wide variety of products to choose from in both moisturizers and hydrators. How do you know which of these options are right for you and your skin? Moisturizers and hydrators are two of the main types of skin care products and without close consideration they may seem equivalent. They are not.

The best option is to use moisturizer and hydrators in tandem because they work to support each other in keeping your skin soft and healthy. Yet they both perform different functions for your skin. Hydrators hydrate your skin. Moisturizers lock moisture into your skin. Healthy skin is both hydrated and moisturized. To fully understand why, it is key to understand what each product does and how it can help improve the quality of your skin.


When skin feels dry, it needs hydration (water). Skin doesn’t drink the same way you do, but it still needs plenty of water. Getting the right hydration into your skin can be tough depending on the factors affecting you. Drinking enough water is the first step to hydrated skin. Hydrating yourself will help to hydrate your skin. But for many people this isn’t enough, their skin needs more hydration or they just have particularly dry skin. Using hydrating products is the next step as hydrators can infuse your skin with water.

Hydrating Product

When picking out a hydrating product you are looking for the ingredients on the product. Many products both hydrate and moisturize but how well they do either will depend on the ingredients. This is why it is important to check the label on the products you buy to ensure they have the qualities that you need. The single most important thing to look for in a hydrator is Hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in the skin and helps keep our skin hydrated and healthy, but it depletes with age. Getting hyaluronic acid back in your skin is a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling young and hydrated.

How to pinpoint lack of hydration

Knowing what to choose is all well and good but how do you tell if you skin is dehydrated? If you skin is dehydrated, it will feel like your skin is tight and may have a dull look to it. It is possible to have dehydrated skin that is moisturized but most commonly, dehydrated skin and unmoisturized skin co-exist.


After your skin has drunk enough of water, comes the need to moisturize. If your skin is hydrated without a hydrating product, then moisturizer may be all you need. These moisture sealing process is done using moisturizers like oil to seal the water into the skin.

However, most people lack hydration in their skin as well as requiring something to lock in the moisture. That's why you need both a hydrator and moisturizer.

How to pinpoint lake of moisture

When you think of dry skin, it is probably skin lacking moisture that comes to mind first. This condition is typified by dry or flaky skin. A rough texture to the skin is also associated with lack of moisture. If these are qualities your skin is showing, then it is a moisturizer that you need.

Moisturizing products

Moisturizers are everywhere, but they are not all created equal. There is an incorrect line of thought out there that oil will cause breakouts—but oil is actually one of the best moisturizers. While you don’t want too much, replenishing the natural oils of your skin is exactly what any good moisturizer is trying to do. The oil protects moisture from evaporating off of your skin and leaving it dry and flaky.

Our Rejuvenating Radiant Serum is a great moisturizing option which utilizes oils to help keep those hydrating moistures in your skin so it stays soft and radiant.

Order Matters

Because of how hydration and moisturizer work together, it is important not only to use both but to use them in the correct order. If you are using a product that does both at once, this may be less important, but if they are separate products it is key to use your hydrator first. A hydrator puts moisture back into dry skin. Since moisturizer seals in moisture, it just can’t do its job properly if there is no moisture to seal in. This means first hydrate, then moisturize.

Once that is done, you can sit back and enjoy your soft, healthy skin. Be the glowing you that you’ve always wanted by treating your skin the way it deserves to be treated.



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