10 Sustainable Living Ideas for an Eco-Friendly living



Today, the world is experiencing all types of problems due to pollution. The natural resources are being used indiscriminately and very soon there will be a time when we’ll no longer have these resources. But, this is something many of us do not think about. However, it’s a reality we must face. We have to leave something behind for all the future generations yet to come.

The only way to make use of these precious natural resources is through sustainable living. Also, eco-friendly living will help in controlling environmental issues such as acid rain, global warming, pollution and climate change. The following are 10 sustainable living ideas that you can adopt;

1. Reduce Waste

There are easy ways to reduce the amount of household waste you create. Carry a reusable container for water instead of buying bottles and choose washable containers to store food instead of plastic bags. Furthermore, try to buy spices, grains and other items in bulk to reduce packaging.

2. Shop Local

To support the market and boutiques in your community, shop locally when possible. Doing so will reduce the amount of petrol that is used to transport items and funnels money back into the economy.

3. Buy Ethical Accessories

Not all bags and jewelry are the same. To add style to your wardrobe, choose fair trade accessories that are produced with sustainable materials made by craftspeople earning a living wage. These items carry the meaningful stories of the artisans who have produced them.

4. Reduce Gas Consumption

While it may not be practical to go completely car-free, it is important to understand how to reduce the amount of fuel in transportation. Do you want to cut back? Take public transportation more often, bike to the market or work.

5. Invest in Items that will last

Different types of household items that are manufactured to last months or years are now available in disposable forms. Such as razors, pens, and lighters. To reduce consumption, consider investing in a fountain pen with reusable ink.

6. Recycle Fashion

Instead of buying new, poorly constructed wearable’s that may end up in landfills, browse vintage and thrift shops to get better quality, unique clothes and accessories.

7. Make your own Household Cleaning Products

There are many effective, chemical-free cleaners that decrease air pollution and reduce environmental toxins. Simple products such as tea tree oil, vinegar, baking soda and lemon can polish glasses, unclog drains and make windows spotless.

8. Eat Smarter

If you like eating meat, try to reduce one portion a week. Doing so is better for your pocketbook and reduces the load on the environment. Also, consider planting a garden in your backyard or at a friend's house.

9. Compost

Composting cuts out chemical-based gardening products and is an effective way to turn yard and kitchen waste into nutritious soil food. Compost naturally increases plant growth.

10. Explore Green Careers

If you are an eco-minded supporter of choosing green items for your wardrobe or home, consider a green career. The growing green-collar workforce is making gains in a wide range of industries which include agriculture, energy and biotech. There are many jobs for stylists, writers and chefs looking to change careers while maintaining the environment.

One change at a time you can work towards contributing to make your home green and a sustainable living lifestyle. We provide organic skincare products and we care about the environment. We make use of recyclable glass bottle such as biodegradable peanut for packaging our products. Also, we introduce to people that we are an eco friendly company and using eco-friendly packaging.

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