How Does Your Diet Affect Your Skin?

You’ll know about the creams and lotions to apply to your skin. The external forces affecting the largest organ in your body are understandable. But did you know that your diet can also affect your healthy skin?

There’s a saying that “you are what you eat,” and it’s certainly true. Unfortunately, not quite as true as the boys in the Green Giant Sweetcorn ad would like to believe. Eating runner beans will not make you a runner, but we can all hope, right?

However, the food choices you make will have an affect on the health of your skin. Food affects the shine and natural oils being produced. It will affect dry skin conditions and just the general feel of your skin.

It’s a Subjective Matter

Before getting into the details of how the diet affects the skin, it’s important to note that this is subjective. Some people will be more sensitive to types of food and the effects than others. A healthy lifestyle is important but you may find that some food sources affect your skin (and other parts of your body) more than your best friend or even your siblings.

It’s all to do with hormones, allergic reactions, and more. Our bodies have our own natural tolerance but that tolerance can weaken over time. While you may not see any side effects now, that can change over time.

How Food Can Affect Your Skin

Food, even all-natural foods, will have certain properties that affect the body. They can cause a change of hormones throughout the system, which has a direct effect on your healthy skin.

For example, high glycemic index foods have shown a higher risk of acne. Sugars (both natural and unnatural) leads to a higher amount of glucose in the body. This sets of the body’s natural insulin response to deal with that sugar and disrupts the natural hormones. Your skin suffers as it doesn’t get the normal balance.

High GI diets lead to the oil secretion composition to change. Our natural oils (we all have them) become stickier, so they become more adhesive under the skin. This leads to more bacterial growth as the pores become blocked and you get more acne.

You’ll also find your skin ages more quickly with a diet that’s high in sugar. The sugars attached to the collagen in the skin, the reason your skin is flexible. If you eat too much sugar, the collagen breaks down. This leads to a breakdown of the middle layers, causing wrinkles and sagging skin.

Refined carbs can cause the same problem. They tend to be high GI foods because of the sugaring effect in the body. Rather than choosing white bread or white pasta, look out for the whole grain options. They have more fiber, making them healthier for your whole body, not just your skin.

Even Natural Foods Can be Bad

Think that milk or the meat you get are good for you? While they can be considered back of a healthy lifestyle by some, they also lead to bad skin.

Dairy, in particular, is a food that many people have an intolerance to. Whether milk, cheese, or even yogurts, dairy causes an inflammatory response within the body, which effects your skin. It leads to inflammatory skin conditions looking and getting worse, including acne and eczema.

The hormonal shift in the body from dairy has also been linked to skin problems. It leads to more cystic acne.

This doesn’t mean you have to switch out all the milk. Opt for nut milk instead. What about soy milk? If you have a nut allergy, then this may be your own option but soy milk has also linked to some skin problems.

Meat has some similar issues. This is especially the case when you get your meat from the wrong sources. Too many farmers will use hormones and antibiotics on their animals and those properties remain within the meat when you buy it. You’re putting the hormones and antibiotics into your body.

Even non-treated meat can cause problems for your healthy skin. You can end up with extra hormones like dairy, causing inflammation and making your acne look far worse than it already is.

Fast food, alcohol, and processed foods have also shown effects on the skin. The foods mess around with the hormones in your body, causing inflammation responses and a change to your natural oil secretion.

We believe that a healthy diet is the best thing for healthy skin. Skip on the processed foods and reduce the meat and dairy. More vegetables, fruit, and wholesome foods will protect your skin now and in the future. Using our purest and effective skin care product can also help your skin stay healthy and glow. Check out our hero product—Rejuvenating Radiant Serum, and it is the perfect option for pre-mature skin too.

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