12 Skin Care Secrets That Will Leave You With Healthier Skin

Real beauty comes from within you. The glow on your face reflects how tenderly you have been treating yourself. To achieve a phenomenal look all you need is a complete skincare routine. Instead of spending huge amounts on over-the-counter beauty products, go for an organic beauty regime. Although it would take considerably more time but would definitely leave you with an effect that is long lasting.  Here are12 skincare secrets that would definitely make your skin much healthier and prettier.

1. ‘Holy grail’ in the skin beauty world 

What you are about to read here is a known beauty secret of many actresses. Your skin is constantly experiencing damage like natural constant wear and tear, UV light-induced premature aging, pigmentation etc. To prevent this it is necessary to ensure proper intake of vitamins, but again go for an organic option. Start your day with a glass of beetroot, apple and carrot juice. You can also make a smoothie of these three instead of putting them in a juicer. Either way it is a miracle drink.  Take it every single day and notice the amazing changes that your skin undergoes within month.

2. Take your ‘beauty sleep’ seriously

Your sleep routine is very important. If you want to look fresh and vibrant, never compromise on your sleep. At least take 7- 8 hours of sleep to stay away from dark circles and puffy eyes.

3. Pamper your skin with organic products

Opt for organic skin beauty care products instead of drugstore ones. They are gentle on your skin, protects you from premature aging, rich in nutrients, have no artificial fragrance or chemicals and are eco-friendly.

4. Protect your skin from sunlight

It is important to protect your skin from direct exposure to sunlight. Invest in a good sunscreen lotion to save your skin from ultraviolet rays. This would reduce pigmentation, age spots and chances of skin cancer.

5. Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself well hydrated. To enjoy a healthy looking skin beauty, drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Also hydrate the surface of your skin using hydrating products and facial mists.  Hydration helps to keep your skin looking supple and fresh. 

6. Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin is critically important along with hydration. Moisturizers act by slowing down water loss through layers of skin. You need organic beauty products that both hydrate and moisturize your skin. In winters, you need really good moisturizers to fight the consequences of harsh weather conditions.

7. Exercise Daily

To keep your skin fresh and glowing, you need to perspire daily. Establish a workable exercise routine and follow it religiously. Workout ensures good blood circulation in your body and supplies all cells with nutrients. Regular exercise also aids in anti-aging. It enhances your look and relaxes you mentally by reducing stress.

8. Eat your greens!

There is no substitute of a good organic diet. Green vegetables have amazing cleansing and alkalizing properties due to their unmatchable vitamin and fibre content. Some of green vegetables having amazing benefits are cabbage, green beans, broccoli, spinach etc. Ensure daily intake of greens in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

9. Cleanse your skin daily

Cleansing your skin thoroughly is very important. Regularly clean all the products off your skin before going to bed. Go for a combination of both oil based and water based facial cleaners. Cleansing helps your pores to unclog and lets your skin breathe.

10. Be careful in product selection

Every product out there in the market is not meant for your skin beauty. Be careful in selecting a product for your face. High priced products do not guarantee that they are safe for your skin. When trying out a new product, first test it on your wrist or behind your ear for any allergies. If you find any redness or itching please discontinue using the product. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

11. Avoid exfoliation on daily basis

Although exfoliation is very good for your skin but it is not advised in your daily skincare routine. Do not use exfoliators regularly without consulting a dermatologist.  Use professional help to exfoliate your facial skin.

12. Try to maintain a good skin beauty metabolism

Like body metabolism, there is skin metabolism. Skin metabolism is skin renewal cycle that slows down with age.  The key is to increase skin metabolism by using right organic beauty products. Adding antioxidants to your beauty reign will prevent harmful agents in the environment from causing damage to your skin. They work by neutralizing free radicals from pollution and UV radiation that can get into your cells and wreak havoc, disturbing proper cell communication.

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